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    Barbizon Lighting continues to remain open and shipping.

    We have created a page for the current operational status and contact information of our regional offices.

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    We've created a page of discounted or free education, tools, and resources for our customers.

    The lights will come up again; in theatres, on film sets, museums, and theme parks. We as an industry will weather this storm together.

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    Barbizon has provided and installed LED lighting everywhere from small theatre scene shops to the spire of the World Trade Center.

    No application is too small or large.

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Lighting and Rigging s from Black Box Theaters to Performing Arts Centers. Barbizon is a leader in providing and installing conventional stage fixtures, automated luminaires, accessories, curtains, track, dimming, and control.

Film & Television

For both Network broadcast and local cable access Barbizon supplies and installs studio lighting and rigging s. We are experts in selecting studio fixtures suitable to the demands of chroma key operations.

Houses of Worship

Regardless of size, Churches trust Barbizon for their light s. We supply the latest LED fixtures from the leading manufacturers providing low cost substantial lighting.


Whether it's a special architectural lighting applications or the need for a building-wide high speed ethernet control s, Barbizon has the solution. We have a wide selection of contemporary LED products to create dramatic lighting to highlight or make building features stand out.

Museum and Themed

Barbizon understands the archival demands of museum lighting. From UV protection lighting filters to water effects or high color-rendering light sources, we provide exhibit lighting solutions to suit all lighting requirements.

Rigging s

Barbizon can supply and install your rigging needs. We can do fixed grids, motorized and counterweight rigging as well as portable trussing and hoists.

Dear Friends & Customers of Barbizon Lighting,

We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and the impact this virus will have on many businesses, including our customers, and our employees. At Barbizon Lighting, we are prepared to maintain a high level of service during this challenging time.

Our teams are on call and available to assist you via phone and email, per our usual standards. However, we have made some adjustments that limit exposure and encourage “social distancing” as a safety precaution recommended by the CDC. The extent of those measures on the operations of our various office locations varies based on the guidance of local agencies. The general status of your local Barbizon Lighting office is here:

We’re committed to making things run smoothly for our customers and partners while following CDC guidance for the safety of our employees and their families.

We will continue to monitor developments and will update accordingly. We are committed to maintaining our high level of standards. We are here when you need us.

Should you have questions or concerns, we are happy to address them. Please do not hesitate to reach out for our services or open discussions regarding the current circumstances. Call Barbizon Lighting at 866-502-2724 or email us at  



Tom Madden
President and CEO
Barbizon Lighting Company